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Trephine Ejection Kit


Trephine Ejection Kit

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The Trephine Ejection Kit incorporates several unique ideas that make the kit very special. Internally cooled trephines enable safe removal of bone cylinders. The internal cooling reliably prevents damage to the bone tissue due to overheating. The removable trephine working parts allow particularly easy removal of the milled bone cylinders. With the help of the ejector instruments, which are specially adapted to the Trepan diameters, the bone can be easily pushed out. The kit also includes pre-grain trephines for safe trephine application. The Trephine Ejection Kit enables the user to work quickly and safely and offers high flexibility thanks to different instrument sizes.

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- Two-part trephines for safe and minimally invasive removal of bone cylinders
- Protection against overheating of the sensitive bone tissue through internally cooled trephines
- Innovative application
- Standardized diameters and precise depth markings of the trephines enable plannable
- Removal of defined bone cylinders
- Exactly matched instruments for maximum precision and flexibility

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