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OccluSense® Set

OccluSense® Set

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The innovative OccluSense® pressure sensors enable the occlusal pressure conditions to be recorded in 256 pressure levels. The thin and flexible material enables recording of both static and dynamic occlusion. In addition, the red colored layer marks the occlusal contacts on the patient's teeth.

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The OccluSense® Set is a digital occlusion analysis system consisting of a special occlusal foil, a reader and software. The occlusal foil is applied to the patient's teeth and the reader records the pressure distribution during chewing. The software evaluates the data and provides the dentist with a detailed representation of the patient's occlusion.

To use the OccluSense® set, the occlusal foil is first applied to the patient's teeth. The foil is equipped with a special pressure sensor that measures the pressure distribution during chewing. The patient then chews on the foil while the reader records the data. The data is transmitted wirelessly to the software, where it is analyzed.

The software then provides the dentist with a detailed 3D representation of the patient's occlusion. The representation shows the pressure distribution on the patient's teeth, the contact surfaces and the contact points. The dentist can use this data to assess the patient's occlusion and determine if adjustments are necessary.

The OccluSense® Set is an easy-to-use and effective digital occlusion analysis system that provides the dentist with valuable information about the patient's occlusion and can help improve treatment results.

Technical data:

Product name
OccluSense® Set
Manufacturer article no.
BK 5000
12 months on all product components
115 x 71mm