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Ecosite Bulk Fill univ. 16x0.25g

Ecosite Bulk Fill univ. 16x0.25g

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Ecosite Bulk Fill guarantees particularly easy handling due to its firmer consistency and saves considerable time due to the possible application in just one step. In addition, the Premium Bulk Fill material offers a convincing chameleon effect with the Universal shade variant.

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The push-and-flow effect of the material allows flexible processing and the simplest shaping. Still firm at the beginning, Ecosite Bulk Fill quickly and noticeably softens during modeling so that it can be optimally adapted to the cavity walls. In this way, anatomical details can be easily reproduced. The material remains where it is supposed to be and does not melt. It also provides reliable protection against bubbles and crevices, especially in the critical areas. For a safe and comfortable workflow.Shrinkage stress is one of the most common causes of composite restoration failure. That is why Ecosite Bulk Fill offers a high level of safety through low shrinkage stress, which significantly minimizes shrinkage stress. The functional, practical shade selection includes two esthetic all-purpose shades, Universal and Light, as well as a Contrast variant. With the Universal shade variant, you can achieve any common VITA shade thanks to the convincing chameleon effect.The material can either be layered in two-millimeter increments or applied as a bulk filling in one step, thus offering the most flexible handling. Five-millimeter layers are cured through in just 20 seconds, saving considerable time.Ecosite Bulk Fill's innovative filler technology enables exceptionally homogeneous distribution of the finest fillers. This ensures outstanding mechanical properties and excellent high-gloss polishability.

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