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Two world market leaders cooperate.

KaVo Dental GmbH and MELAG Medizintechnik GmbH & Co. KG agree to work more closely together at the beginning of 2023.

KaVo Dental GmbH and MELAG Medizintechnik GmbH & Co. KG are agreeing to work more closely together at the beginning of 2023, with KaVo and MELAG forming a new excellence team that will further advance the future of instrument reprocessing with coordinated product and service offerings to make daily work in dental practices safer, more reliable and more effective on an ongoing basis.

The focus of the closer sales cooperation will include joint training for specialist retail partners and coordinated marketing and sales campaigns. Joint events for end customers are also planned worldwide. Greater mutual support is also planned in the area of research and development in the future.KaVo Dental has been offering dental expertise and an almost complete premium product portfolio for dental practices and laboratories under the slogan "Dental Excellence" for over 100 years. KaVo has been a guarantor of outstanding premium products for over 100 years and, with a large number of patents and utility models, is the world's leading supplier in the dental instrument segment.

As an owner-managed family business, MELAG has established itself as the world market leader in practice hygiene with quality and innovative strength. MELAG has been developing and producing innovative and technologically robust solutions for instrument reprocessing exclusively in Berlin, Germany, since the company was founded over 70 years ago. With its outstanding system solutions, including autoclaves, thermodisinfectors and sealing devices, MELAG has been able to continuously develop and significantly shape instrument reprocessing. It is therefore not surprising that KaVo explicitly recommends products from MELAG for the reprocessing of its own premium instruments. The high demands placed on its own products and the values of an innovative, traditional company make MELAG the perfect partner for KaVo in dental instrument reprocessing.

As a reliable 4-in-1 solution, the Careclave from MELAG harmonizes perfectly with our high-quality KaVo instruments and is therefore our clear recommendation for reprocessing our KaVo instruments," says Armin Imhof, CTO at KaVo. Dr. Niklas Gebauer, managing partner of MELAG, adds: "KaVo straight and contra-angle handpieces have always been the benchmark for us, not only in terms of quality and above-average durability. It is not for nothing that we have always tested intensively with KaVo instruments during the development of the Careclave. "At the International Dental Show in Cologne, which opens its doors on March 14, the cooperation will also be visible to the general public: the MELAG Careclave will also be on display at the KaVo stand and the Careclaves at the MELAG stand will be equipped with high-quality KaVo instruments. Caption:Seated in front from left to right Armin Imhof (CTO - Head of Technology KaVo), Christoph Sandow (Head of Sales and Marketing MELAG), Sebastian Gebauer (Managing Partner MELAG)Standing in back from left to right Ferdinand Schmidt (Head of Product Management MELAG), Jan Moed (CCO - Chief Commercial Officer KaVo), Dr. Niklas Gebauer (Managing Partner MELAG), Christian Wiech (Director Product Management KaVo).

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